Think Your Account Has Been Compromised?

Immediately log in Account Center and refer to the steps below if you think your account has been compromised

1. Disconnect From Apple ID/ Facebook.
Choose [Service and Security] and choose [Remove] next to Apple ID and/or Facebook.
 ※You can skip this step if you do not find any Apple ID/ Facebook on this page.

2. Reset Password and Log Out Of All Devices
1. Choose [Change Password].
2. Enter both old and new password and choose [Save Changes] to finish. We strongly suggest using a password combination you have not used before.
 ※Password is case-sensitive and should contain a minimum of 8 characters.
 ※Combination of upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols is recommended.

3. Choose "Yes" when you see [Log out from other devices after changing the password successfully?] to ensure you have logged out of all devices.

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