What should I do if message: 'Cannot connect to KKBOX servers, please first check if your Internet connection is working properly (error code 0/-1 or -12)' appears?

1. Check if your internet connection is working properly.

2. If you are in an office or dormitory, consult your network administrator as the connection could have been blocked by local firewalls.

3. Disable your firewall/ anti-virus/ internet security software and relaunch KKBOX Windows. 
If KKBOX works normally after disabling the software, refer to How to add KKBOX to the exception list of my anti-virus/ internet security software? for more information on how to add KKBOX to the exception list.

4. If you have other computers in the same network, see if you can use KKBOX normally on a different computer.

5. Try updating your KKBOX Windows to the latest version. You can find the latest KKBOX Windows by clicking on your service area below.
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