Can't find the DTS icon

DTS is supported by phones and tablets with iOS systems or Android 5.0 and higher. 

Unfortunately HTC_E9x, HTC_M9, HTC_M9+, HTC_D830x and Intel-powered devices are not supported. 
We are in discussion with DTS on this matter and hopefully the models mentioned above will be supported in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Some ASUS devices are not Intel-powered and features headphone:X surround sound. 

Refer to the steps below to check if your device features features headphone:X surround sound:
1) Launch [ Audio Wizard ] under [ Applications ].
2) If you find a [ dts ] icon to the top right corner, your device features headphone:X surround sound.
3) You will need to enable [ dts ] before you can see the DTS icon under KKBOX.
 ※Contact ASUS Support if you are unsure how to enable or is having trouble enabling [ dts ].

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  1. The DTS effect enhances the audio quality so you enjoy distortion-free volume and deeper bass music on KKBOX Android and KKBOX iOS.

    ※Sound effects will differ depending on
     ・Audio recording and reproduction
     ・Your earphone/headphone

    We provide the following effects:

    ■ To setup DTS effect:
    1. Play any songs and enter the playback screen.
    2. Tap the "dts" icon to the top right corner.

     ※You will need to ensure the headset is properly connected to the headphone jack of your device to continue.

    2. Turn on "DTS Effect", and tap to select your preferred "STEREO PREFERENCE" and "CONNECTED HEADSET" setting.

    3. The "dts" icon turns blue when it is turned on.
    To change the DTS effect setting, simply tap on the icon to go back to the DTS effect setting page.

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