Trouble installing / updating KKBOX

【1】Disable your anti-virus/ internet security software / firewall and see if you are able to install / update KKBOX normally.
》If the problem is solved after disabling the anti-virus / internet security software/ firewall, see here on how to add KKBOX to the exception list to prevent similar issues from happening again in the future.

【2】If your operating system is Windows 7 or above, we recommend updating KKBOX Windows to the latest versions 7.X.
Simply go to KKBOX, click on [Download KKBOX], click on KKBOX Windows 7.X to initiate download.
※ KKBOX Windows 7.X can only be installed on operating systems Windows 7 and above.

The following steps applies to KKBOX Mac versions available for downloaded from KKBOX (as DMG file).
 ※If you are on Mac OS x 10.9 and above, update KKBOX Mac to the latest version by searching "KKBOX" in Mac App Store.

【1】Go to KKBOX, click on [Download KKBOX] → [Mac OS] and click the KKBOX Mac version for your operating system to initiate download.
【2】Double click on the downloaded DMG file and drag it to the [Applications] folder.
【3】Should a ["KKBOX can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"] message appear, please refer to Apple Support for steps to install/update KKBOX Mac.

Possible causes include:

【1】Insufficient internal storage on your device.
KKBOX will require you to have at least 60MB of internal storage on your device before you can download/install KKBOX Android. 
Try moving your files to an external storage and see if you can install/update KKBOX Android normally.

【2】Unable to download or install KKBOX Android from Google Play Store.
Ensure you have strong internet connection and try again. Sometimes you may need to terminate Google Play Store App and try downloading again.
Should need further assistance please refer to Google Play Help for more information.

Please try the following steps respectively: 

【1】Restart your iOS device.

【2】Ensure you have strong internet connection and try again.
If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, reset your Network Settings by referring to the steps below:

※Warning: This will reset Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, VPN and APN settings that you've used before.
Tap [Settings] 
→ [General] 
→ [Reset] 
→ [Reset Network Settings].

【3】Log out of your Apple ID and log back in. 

【4】Delete KKBOX iOS App through Manage Storage/iPhone Storage (the name and location of the button may differ depend on your iOS version), and try reinstalling KKBOX iOS again.

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