Logging In with Facebook/ Apple ID

When your KKBOX account is connected to Facebook/ Apple ID, you can log in using the [Facebook]/[Sign in with Apple].
Refer to 【Connect KKBOX with Facebook/Apple ID】 below on connecting accounts.

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  1. 1. Log in Member Account.
    2. Choose [Service and Security].
    3. When your KKBOX is linked to a Facebook and/or Apple account, you will find the information under 【Security】.

    ※【Security】 will not appear if your KKBOX is not connected to any social media.

    By connecting with your Facebook/ Apple ID, you can easily log in KKBOX by choosing the [Facebook] or [Sign in with Apple].
    Note: Facebook / Apple ID and KKBOX can only be connected if the services are registered with the same email address.

    ■Connecting with Facebook
    1. Choose [Log in] → [Facebook].
    2. Log in your Facebook account and follow the onscreen instructions.
    3. Enter your KKBOX account password to complete binding.

    ■Connecting with Apple ID
    1. Choose [Log in] → [Sign in with Apple].
    2. Log in your Apple ID.
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete binding.

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