【Android・iOS】Event Badge

Complete designated tasks to unlock badges and get the chance to win tickets to concerts/Live Podcasts, receive exclusive member prizes and discounts.

● Progress is updated at 09:00 on the next day (NOT in real time).
● Calculates play counts on the latest KKBOX Android, KKBOX iOS, KKBOX Desktop versions and Web Player. Play counts on older App versions and other platforms (i.e., Roon) are not calculated.
● Different rules may apply to individual events.
● Ensure you have filled/ updated your personal information at Member Center before participating.
● Update the KKBOX App to the latest version available on App Store/Google Play before participating.

1. Tap [My Library] to the bottom right of the KKBOX mobile App, and tap [User Achievement] → [Event Badge].

2. Tap [I'm In] → [OK] to enter the event.

3. Always refer to the [Rules] before you begin. Different rules may apply.

4. Complete the tasks and come back around 09:00 on the next day to check your progress.
Try logging out/ restarting the KKBOX App when your progress has not been renewed after 09:00.

5. Tap [Redeem Badge] and you will be rewarded with the event badge.
Always check the [Rules] again to make sure all requirements are met.

If you require further assistance, contact Customer Service by choosing the [Email] or [No] button below.

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