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KKBOX currently has 4 Levels of membership:

1. HD
Enjoy HD audio as well as Paid Membership services when you pay/subscribe to KKBOX Lossless Audio.

2. Paid Member

You instantly become a Paid Member when you pay/subscribe.

3. Trial Member
From the moment you sign up for KKBOX, you can try us free for up to 14 days.
Your account will automatically switch to a Member at the end of free trial.

4. Member
At the end of your free trial/ Paid membership, your account will switch to a Member's account. You will have limited access to our service.

Compare the benefits for different levels of KKBOX Membership:

Unlimited musicx
Offline songsx
Dynamic lyrics
High Sound Qualityx
HD Audioxx
Listen With
Paid exclusivexx
No adsx
KKCompany Service Notice
Apple CarPlay
Android Autoxx
▲: Members can listen to Audio Broadcast and chat with others, but cannot hear music played by the DJ.

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