【KKBOX Hong Kong】Payment Options and Plans

■ Monthly Subscription - HKD$ 58

Payment methods:
-Visa / Masters credit cards
-iTunes App Store (Subscribe through KKBOX App)
-Google Play (Subscribe through KKBOX App)

■ Package
 → 30 Day Package ― HKD$ 58 ※Payment by credit card ONLY※
 → 90 Day Package (Plus 10 Days for Free) ― HKD$ 174
 → 180 Day Package (Plus 25 Days for Free) - HKD$ 348
 → 365 Day Package (Plus 50 Days for Free) - HKD$ 696
Payment methods:
- Visa / Masters credit cards
- PayPal

Subscribe to KKBOX at a special price if you hold credit cards issued by the following banks. Visit Payment Center for more details.
 ●Citi Bank
 ●Hang Seng Bank
 ●Standard Chartered

■ Student Plan ― HK$29 (Only upon student verification)
Payment method:
- Visa / Masters credit cards ONLY
 ◇ HK$58 will be charged for first month.
 ◇ Have your student I.D. card photo ready for upload when you make the purchase.
  Upon student verification, subscription fee for the second month will be waived. You will be automatically charged HK$29 from the third month onward.
◇ Only for students from recognized higher education institutions (please see Hong Kong Education Bureau and Macao Higher Education) who are under the age of 24.
◇ Ensure your personal information at KKBOX Member Center is correct and matches the name on your student I.D. before purchase.
◇ Your student I.D. should include the following information:
 -Name of School
 -Name of Student
 ―Student ID Number
 ―Expiration Date

■ Family Plan ― HKD$ 79
Upgrade to Paid Member for yourself and two family members.
See here for more information.

Make your purchase by going to Payment Center.
※Ensure you have logged in the correct account. Your subscription/ plan cannot be transferred to a different account.

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