【KKBOX Hong Kong】Family Plan

Now you can upgrade to Paid Member for yourself and two family members, while managing each of your own KKBOX account!
Click here for information on how to join a Family Plan

【Purchasing Family Plan and Becoming the Master Account Holder】

1. Go to Payment Center and choose "Family Plan".
 ※Please check carefully before you purchase the plan as we cannot reverse the process once the purchase has been completed.

2. Sign up or log onto your existing account, and ensure your personal information is correct.

3. Click "Invite Family Members" after completing the purchase to add family members into the plan. 
 ※You do not have to invite your family members immediately. You can send the invitations anytime by returning to "Manage Family Plan" and clicking "Invite Family Members".

【Invite A Family Member to Join Your Family Plan】
1. Go to My Plans →”Manage Plan” → "Manage Family Plan" → "Invite Family Members".

2. Invite your family member by filling his or her name and email address, then click "Invite Family Members" to send out your invitation(s).
 ※The email address does not have to be their KKBOX account email address. As long as it is the email address they can access.

3. Master Account Holder can manage Family Plan members by logging in My Plans → "Manage Plan" → "Manage Family Plan".
 - Re-invite: Resend the invitation email to your member.
 - Cancel: Cancel the invitation.
 - Remove: Remove a member from your Family Plan.

Q1. Are there any restrictions in purchasing the Family Plan?
A1: Yes. The Family Plan is only available in Hong Kong and Macau. The Master Account Holder and the invitee must be KKBOX Hong Kong member.
Also, you can only purchase Family Plan with credit card.

Q2: I made a mistake when entering the invitee's email address. What should I do?
A2: Simply go to My Plans → "Manage Plan" → "Manage Family Plan" to cancel the wrong invitation, and send a new invitation with the correct email address.

Q3: The invitee said they never got my invitation. What should I do?
A3: Simply go to My Plans → "Manage Plan" → "Manage Family Plan" and click "Resend" for re-sending the invitation to the invitee. If there is a mistake in the email address entered, please refer to Q2.

Q4: I still have remaining Paid membership from my last subscription. Can I still purchase Family Plan?
A4: Yes. Upon purchasing the Family Plan, the remaining membership period will be calculated pro rata and converted to the new plan.
For example: You have 10 days of Personal Plan membership left when you purchase the Family Plan on Jan 1st. The system will convert the 10 days into 8 days of Family Plan and postpone the first payment until Jan 8th.

All information is displayed upon choosing the Family Plan at the Payment Center. If you have any questions regarding the calculation, contact Customer Service before you proceed with the purchase.

Q5: I am the Master Account Holder. There has been a dispute with a member. What should I do?
A5: As the Master Account Holder you have the right to remove the person from your Family Plan. 
However, KKBOX will not intervene with any dispute between Master Account Holders and their members.

【How To Join A Family Plan】

Accept the invitation from the Master Account Holder, then you can start to manage your own KKBOX account!

1. Open the email invitation and choose "Accept Invitation" to sign up or log onto KKBOX.

2. Fill in your personal information and choose "Confirm" for verification.

 3. Congratulations! You have successfully verified your information and you are now a member of the Family Plan!
 ※Please double check all information is correct if verification failed. 
 ※If you are currently a Paid Member, a message will appear. You can only accept the invitation to Family Plan when your Paid membership has expired.

Q1: Are there any restrictions in joining a Family Plan?
A1: The invitee must be a member of KKBOX Hong Kong and must not be a Paid Member at the time of joining.

Q2: I am a KKBOX Hong Kong member under a different email address. The invitation was sent to a different email, can I still join the Family Plan with my existing KKBOX account?
A2: Yes you can. Simply log in your existing KKBOX account after accepting the invitation.

Q3: I never got the invitation. What to do?
A3: The invitation email may have been sent to the Spam/Junk folder. Check your Spam/Junk folder, or check with the Master Account Holder to ensure they have sent the invitation to the correct email address.

Q4: I still have remaining Paid membership from my last subscription. Can I still join a Family Plan?
A4: No. The invitee must not be a Paid Member at the time of accepting the invitation.

Q5: I am a member of the Family Plan and there has been a dispute with the Master Account Holder. What should I do?
A5: As the member you can leave Family Plan (please note after leaving you will not be able to re-join the Family Plan unless the Master Account Holder sends you an invitation).

To leave the Family Plan:
Log in My Plans → "Manage Plan" → "Manage Family Plan"  and choose "Leave Family Plan".

At the same time, KKBOX will not intervene with any dispute between Master Account Holders and their members.

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