Listen With Guide for DJs

Things to Take Note of with the Newer Listen With (available on KKBOX Android and KKBOX iOS)

■ Select An Interesting Topic for Your Listen With Session
Select an interesting topic! It can be the music genre that you're going to play, your current mood, or any topic that you would like to discuss. An interesting topic will attract more listeners, and you might make it to the most popular DJ thanks to that!

■ Why Is My Event Not Listed in the "RECOMMEND" Tab?
There are many ongoing events at the same time, and the "RECOMMEND" tab will only show those events with the most followers. Invite more friends to join your Listen With session, and your event may show up here too. Alternatively, you can also refer to the "All DJs" tab to checkout your event.

■ Can I Still Go On Air on Desktop Version?
Yes you can! However some of the features are not yet available on desktop version. We are working on that. Stay tuned!

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