Maximum Number of Songs Allowed In Collected Songs/Playlists

■ Maximum number of songs allowed are as follows:
Collected Songs: 20,000 songs
Individual Playlist: 5,000 songs
My Favorites: 20,000 songs
Local Offline Songs: 4,000 songs (default setting of 500 songs)
 ※Once you have reached the maximum number of Offline Songs, the system will delete the least played songs)

■ Maximum number of playlist allowed: 1,0000 playlists
■ Maximum number of songs displayed in Play History: 200 songs

■ Maximum number of Shared Playlist allowed:
Premium Member: 500 playlists
Premium Trial Member: 20 playlists
Expired Member: 20 playlists
 ※Maximum number of songs allowed per Shared Playlist: 200 songs

The maximum number of songs allowed in [All Songs] is 20,000 songs.
However, as long as you have less than 20,000 songs in [All Songs] playlist, the system will allow you to add and exceed the limitation ONCE.

For example: You have 19,999 songs in [All Songs]. You are then allowed to add another 50 songs, bringing you to a total of 20,049 songs. 
Should you intend to add another song to the list, a [You have exceeded the 20,000 limitation. Please delete songs and try again] message will appear. Until you have brought the number of songs down to under 20,000, you will not be able to add anymore songs.

 ※If you are on KKBOX Windows (Desktop) and/or KKBOX Mac, you can easily remove songs that are not in your playlists by right clicking on [All Songs] and choose [Clear All Songs Not Listed in Playlist].

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