KKBOX Singapore Price Adjustment Notice


Dear KKBOX SG Members, 

Since our launch in Singapore in January 2013, KKBOX has been committed to revolutionizing music streaming services, striving to deliver unparalleled listening experiences.

Through exclusive features, we aim to bridge the gap between members and artists. These include the "Listen With" community feature for interaction with your favorite artists, "Event Badges" gift missions offering concert tickets and exclusive music gifts, "For You" AI recommendation technology for seamless music discovery, and "Lossless Audio" for a more immersive and authentic listening experience. Additionally, our support for top-tier music management software Roon grants our members immediate access to a diverse and rich library of lossless music.

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we are adjusting subscription plan prices to better align with the needs of our members and the evolving market landscape. This adjustment will enable us to provide enhanced resources for artists, host more member-exclusive events, and introduce exciting new features.

Starting today (May 20, 2024), existing members will receive an email notification regarding the price adjustment, and they will have the option to choose limited-time promotional plans before the specified date.

Commencing on June 21, 2024, the new subscription plans for Singapore will officially come into effect. Please find the details below:

Standard Audio QualityLossless Audio Quality
Monthly90 DaysAnnual
(+ Extra 30 Days Free)

For more information, please refer to the Billing Center and the KKBOX Singapore Price Adjustment FAQ pages.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we strive to elevate your music streaming experience. 

Best Regards,