Why is the Music [Unavailable]?

As all music KKBOX provide have been legally authorized by record labels, the authorizations comes with an expiry date.
Once the authorizations expires, the song/album will be temporarily removed from our library while we negotiate authorization renewal.

Sometimes music may be made available again under different information. We suggest doing a quick search before contacting us.

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  1. As much as we want to make all music available on KKBOX, the availability of music is up to the artists and their record labels.
    When authorization from either performing artist, music composer, lyric writer or the digital right is not granted, the track cannot be made available on KKBOX.

    If you like a specific song or album that we currently do not provide, submit a request at Online Customer Service → [Music and Other Recommendations] → [Song Request].
    Your request will be sent to the relevant department to be followed up.

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