【Android・iOS】Music Recognition

 How do I use the Music Recognition?
 Tap the [Search] tab and the  icon is on the top right corner.
You may select either "Music Recognition" or "Humming Recognition".

 What's the difference between "Music Recognition" and "Humming Recognition"?
 *Music Recognition: This is used when you want to find out the song title for a song or melody you hear on the radio, in the store, or on TV. Simply put your phone closer to the audio source to identify the song.​
*Humming recognition: This is used when you only remember the approximate tempo and melody. Try your best to hum the tune and the feature will try its best to identify the song for you.

 Why does the Humming Recognition fail to match any songs?
 Humming Recognition will compare against melody, pitch, and rhythm. Low sound volume, environmental noise, or short humming duration (minimum 6 seconds or longer) could all lead to failed matching. It is recommended that you get closer to the microphone when using this feature. Another possible reason is that the music you wish to identify has not been licensed. We will work our best to expand our music database.​​​​

 Why does the Music Recognition fail to match any songs?
 Music Recognition only identifies official released and licensed songs. It could lead to failed matching if the music that you are identifying is a cover, live, or re-arranged version. In addition, low sound volume and environmental noise may also result in failure. It is recommended that you get closer to the audio source when using the feature.​​

 Does the desktop version support Music Recognition?
 Music Recognition is currently not available on desktop versions. You will require an Android/ iOS phones or tablets to use this feature.​​​​​​

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