How to Join KKBOX Desktop Beta Program

Join the KKBOX Desktop Beta Program and gain early access to unreleased functions!

How to download KKBOX Desktop Beta:
●If you haven't installed KKBOX Desktop yet, download it from the links provided below:
 ーKKBOX Beta for Windows
 ーKKBOX Beta for Mac

●If you already have KKBOX Desktop installed, convert to the Beta version by following these steps:
 1. Click on your profile picture to the top right corner and select [Settings].
 2. Under [Advanced Setting], click the [Join] button to the right of KKBOX Desktop Beta Program.

If you encounter any issues while using the Beta version, please let us know by selecting either the 【Email】 or 【No】 button below.
Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve!

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