【Android・iOS】Offline Songs Disappeared/Started to Re-download

Offline Songs will re-download under the following situation:

1. You have changed the audio quality.
If you have changed the Audio Quality setting, Offline Songs will only re-download when the current audio file is at a lower sound quality.

2. Audio files were not properly downloaded/ Broken audio files.
Audio files may not download properly in case of unstable internet connection. 
The system will automatically re-download when it detects broken audio files.

3. Updated audio file.
When we find broken audio files, we will update the audio file, which will trigger KKBOX to download the tracks again.

4. The number of Offline Songs have exceeded the limit.
On KKBOX iOS and KKBOX Android, the default Offline Songs Capacity is 500 tracks.
The system will automatically delete the tracks you have played the least when the number of downloaded tracks have exceeded the maximum number.

You can adjust the number of Offline Songs to 4000 tracks by tapping [My Library] → the gear icon to the top right corner of the page → [Storage] → [Offline Song Capacity].

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