Audio Broadcast Guide for Listeners

Audio Broadcast allows the DJ to speak to his/her listeners besides chatting and sharing music, making listening to music more interactive and fun!

 On which platform can I listen to Audio Broadcast? I have followed a DJ who is doing Audio Broadcast but I am not able to hear him/her. What can I do?
 KKBOX is supported on the following platforms and operating systems:
.Android / iOS mobile or tablets
.Mac / Windows.KKBOX Web Player
(Note: Please update to its latest version.)

If you are still not hearing anything from the DJ, perhaps he/she is not speaking at the moment.
.Mobile Device: Check if there is a floating DJ icon on screen.
.Desktop: Check the bottom left "Now Playing" corner to see if there is a red bar showing "DJ is Audio Broadcasting".

If all settings are normal but you are yet to hear the DJ, we suggest you to leave a message in the chatroom to remind the DJ to adjust his/her mic.

 How do I know if a DJ will be doing Audio Broadcast?
 On the Listen With page, keep a lookout for the "Audio Broadcast" icon that will be shown on the DJ profile image for event with Audio Broadcast to identify them!

 I am not able to hear the DJ clearly. Can I adjust the DJ volume only?
 Unfortunately it's not possible. The system will adjust the DJ volume and music volume at the same time. If you are not able to hear the DJ clearly, we suggest you to leave a message in the chatroom to remind the DJ to adjust the mic for better reception.

 Why do the DJ audio responses sound delayed?
 The audio delivery speed may vary depending on the network connection on one's end. It's common that the DJ voice will reach its listeners several seconds later.

 The music volume turns lower when the DJ starts speaking. Why?
 The system will automatically lower the background music volume when the DJ speaks in order to ensure the audio clarity. At the end of the audio broadcast, the music volume will be adjusted back to default.

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