【Android】Default (built-in) equalizer is used on versions 6.2.80 and later.

On KKBOX Android versions 6.2.80 and later, your default (built-in) equalizer is used instead of ours.
But you are free to switch to KKBOX's equalizer by tapping on [Select Equalizer] under KKBOX [Setting].
 ※KKBOX equalizer is currently unavailable on SONY devices.

Taking SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3 as an example, after upgrading to KKBOX Android versions 6.2.80 and later, KKBOX will start the default equalizer on your device.
 ※The equalizer function may differ depending on the make and model of your device.

Please note:
Only KKBOX equalizer will appear if your device is not equipped with equalizer.
For example, most HTC models are not equipped with equalizers, so HTC device users will only see KKBOX equalizer.

If you have previously set KKBOX equalizers, KKBOX will reset your settings after upgrading to KKBOX Android versions 6.2.80 and later.
Please go to KKBOX [Settings] → [Equalizer setting] and select the desired sound effect.

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