Cannot Find KKBOX in iTunes App Store

KKBOX is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong (including Macau), Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

Ensure the country/region of your Apple ID is to one of the above regions by referring to the steps below:
 ※Steps may vary depending on the iOS version you are using. 
 ※See Apple Support for more information, or for instructions on how to change your information on Mac/PC.

1. On your iOS device, tap [Settings] → (Your Apple ID name) → [iTunes & App Store] → [Apple ID] → [View Apple ID].
2. If your Apple ID is set to a country/region other than Taiwan/Hong Kong/ Japan/ Malaysia/ Singapore, tap [Country/Region]. 
3. Tap the country/region your KKBOX account was registered under and agree to the terms and conditions.
4. After setting the country/region, go to App Store and search for [KKBOX] again.

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