【iOS】Listen To KKBOX On Apple Watch

 Can I Stream to KKBOX on My Cellular Apple Watch (Apple Watch LTE)?
 Not at the moment. You will need to synchronize music to your Apple Watch first.

 How Many Tracks Can I Sync To Apple Watch?
 This depends on your model and amount of space available at the time of music syncing.

 Can I Control Music Skipping Through My Bluetooth Device?
 You can skip to the next track only (cannot go back to the previous track).

 How To Sync Music To Your Apple Watch?
 By synchronizing music to your watch, you can play the content on your watch without your iPhone nearby.

※Please Note:
- Function available to Paid Members only.
- Synchronized tracks are valid for 7 days. To continue enjoying music on your Apple Watch, connect Apple Watch to your iPhone and switch KKBOX to Online Mode for our system to perform mandatory checks.

1. Ensure you have the KKBOX App installed on your Apple Watch.
2. Open KKBOX App and open [Local Offline Songs].

■Sync Single Track:
Tap the [⋯] to the right of the track and choose [Sync music to your Apple Watch].

■Sync Multiple Tracks:
1. Tap the [⋯] to the top right corner of 【Local Offline Songs】→ [Sync music to your Apple Watch].
2. Choose the tracks you want to sync to watch and tap [Send].
3. KKBOX will show the synchronization process.
You can return to this page by tapping the [Sync to Apple Watch] under 【My Library】.
4. Music is synchronized to your Apple Watch when a tick appears. Head over to Apple Watch and you'll find the tracks under [Offline Songs].

 How To Delete Offline Songs on My Apple Watch?
 Currently KKBOX do not support removing specific Offline Songs from the list. You can only delete all tracks and synchronize again.
1. On your Apple Watch, open [Offline Songs] and firmly press the display.
2. Tap [Delete All Songs].

 What to Do When Both Apple Watch and iOS Device Are Connected But I'm Not Seeing the Music Info Showing on My Apple Watch When I Play Music?

 There could be some connection problems. Try switching your Apple Watch to flight mode and reboot.

 I'm Not Hearing Any Music Through My Bluetooth Device.
 Your Bluetooth device may be disconnected from your Apple Watch. Try unpairing and pairing them again.

 Why Aren't My Music Syncing to Apple Watch (Progress Shows 0%)?
 There could be a Bluetooth connection problem. Try the following:
1. Ensure both Apple Watch and iOS devices are not in Flight Mode.
2. Ensure KKBOX App is showing in the foreground on both iOS devices and Apple Watch.
3. Restart both your iOS device and Apple Watch, and try syncing again.

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