【Android】Car Mode

We provide car mode to ensure safe driving as well as the usual music enjoyment. 
By switching to car mode, you will find:

■Simplified interface
With large buttons and quick access to your playlists, Recommended Playlist, Charts, Mood Stations ...etc.

However, lyrics will not be available in car mode.

Show or hide playback options by tapping the [^] or [V] icon after playback.

■ Tell us what you want to play (literally!)
Tap on the microphone icon to the top right of screen and tell KKBOX the artist name and/or the title of the music you want to hear. KKBOX will automatically play the track when we found a match in our library.
 ※The desired track or version will not be available if we are not authorized by record labels. 
 ※This is NOT voice control. You will not be able to control music playback (such as pause, play previous/next track...etc.).

■ Switch between car and phone mode, hassle-free! 
To access other services (such as Listen With), switch back to phone mode by tapping on the [≡] icon to the top left corner and choose [Phone mode].You can switch between car and phone mode during music playback.

■ Switching to car mode
Tap [My Library] → the gear icon to the top right corner of the page → [Car View Setting] → [Switch to car mode] and choose to play music from your playlist or recommended playlist.

■ Add car mode shortcut to your Home Screen

Tap [My Library] → the gear icon to the top right corner of the page → [Car View Setting] → [Add car mode shortcut].
※The following message appears if you are on devices equipped with Android operating systems 7.1 and above. Simply tap on [Add] to proceed.

2. Next time you go for a drive, simply tap the car mode icon from your Home Screen and -voila-!

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