【iOS】Use Siri To Play KKBOX Music

Voice control what you want to play with Siri!
※Only available on devices running iOS 13 and above.
※Ensure you have Siri set up and ready.
※Visit Apple Support of Siri is not responding.

Simply say “Hey, Siri” followed by your command.
●To play a specific track: "Hey, Siri, play (Track title) by (Artist) on KKBOX"
●To play a specific artist: “Hey, Siri, play (Artist) on KKBOX"
●To play a specific album: "Hey, Siri, play (Album Title) on KKBOX"
●To play a genre of music: "Hey, Siri, play (Gengre) on KKBOX"
●To like the track you are listening to: "Hey, Siri, I like this song"
●To play collected music: "Hey, Siri, play my collection on KKBOX"
●Control music playback: "Hey, Siri, pause/skip this song/turn up (or down) the volume"

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