Paid But Cannot Enjoy Full Service

If you have just paid but cannot enjoy our full services (i.e., can only listen to 30 seconds of music), here are some ways to solve the problem:

【1】Log out and log back in
This will force an update between your device and account.
At the same time, ensure you have logged in the right account. You may have upgraded to Paid Member with a different account.

【2】Upload your App Store/Google Play receipt
This happens when we were not notified of your purchase by Apple/Google.
Please refer to the 【Just Subscribed Through App Store But Account Not Renewed】 or 【Just Subscribed Through Google Play But Account Not Renewed】 below to manually upload your receipt.

【3】You have not fully activated your subscription.
Refer to the instructions in the SMS received after signing up for KKBOX through your telco. Depending on your telco you may need to activate the subscription before you can enjoy our service.

If services stops suddenly, log in Payment History and see if you find records of payments made within the past 30 days.
If do not find any, here are some possible explanations:

【1】Apple/Google notified us of cancellation
If you subscribed through App Store/ Google Play and did not cancel the subscription, check your Apple/Google purchase history first and refer to the following FAQs.
Apple Support
Google Help

If you subscribed through Google and the issue was due to expired payment method, KKBOX can resume your purchase (soon as Google notifies us) after updating your payment information within 30 days of payment failure.

However, KKBOX cannot resume your purchase after updating Apple ID's payment method (and App Store seemed to have restored the subscription). Please ensure you have cancelled the current KKBOX subscription through App Store before updating your payment methods.

【2】You have logged in a different account
Please ensure you have logged in the right account if you have recently logged out, switched devices.

【3】Automatic payment failed
Whether it is due to expired credit card, insufficient balance or outstanding phone bills etc., KKBOX will not be able to resume your previous plan.
Please purchase a new plan here.

If you need further assistance, contact us by choosing either the 【Chat/Email】or the 【No】 button below.

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