Account Binding Error Message:


When the KKBOX payment system detects a monthly subscription already exist in your KKBOX account, it will display an error note in red "
Your account is currently on monthly subscription. Please click here for further assistance." to STOP the account binding process.

If you want to change your payment plan or payment method, please follow the steps below to cancel your current subscription:

1. Please log in your account and update your personal information at KKBOX Account Service

2. Submit your cancel request at Online Customer Service
→ click Payments and Bills  
→ choose Canceling subscription
fill in details

Customer Service will inform you as soon as we have processed your request.
Once your monthly subscription plan has been terminated, you may rebind your account with the new plan.

Since your KKBOX account can have only one subscription associated with it, please use or register another KKBOX account for your second subscription. 



Mesej Ralat Ikatan Akaun : Akaun anda dalam langganan bulanan. Sila klik di sini untuk bantuan lanjut.

Apabila sistem bayaran KKBOX kenalpasti langganan bulanan wujud dalam akaun KKBOX anda, satu nota amaran akan terpapar 'Akaun anda dalam langganan bulanan. Sila klik di sini untuk bantuan lanjut' untuk hentikan proses ikatan akaun anda.

Jika anda mahu menukar pelan atau cara bayaran, sila ikut langkah di bawah untuk batalkan langganan anda :

1. Sila log masuk ke akaun anda dan kemaskini butiran diri di Servis Akaun KKBOX

2. Hantarkan permohonan pembatalan ke Servis Pelanggan Atas Talian
→ Klik Bayaran dan Bil
→ Pilih Batalkan Langganan
Masukkan butiran diri

Sebaik sahaja langganan bulanan anda dibatalkan, anda boleh mulakan pelan terbaru untuk akaun anda.

Peringatan: Disebabkan akaun KKBOX anda hanya boleh ada satu sahaja langganan, sila gunakan akaun KKBOX lain jika anda mahu membayra langganan kedua.

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