How to Unsubscribe KKBOX?

■ I'm a Trial Member

You will not be charged for trying out KKBOX. At the end of the free trial your account will automatically switch to a Members (non-subscriber).

■ I'm a Member
Members (non-subscriber) will not be charged for KKBOX. There is no need to cancel.

■ I'm a Paid Member
First check your payment method by logging in "My Plans".

ーSubscription through Credit Cardl:
Under "My Plans" choose [Subscription Management] → [Unsubscribe] and follow the instructions to cancel.
※If you have unsubscribed you will not find the [Subscription Management] button.
※If a "You currently have no subscription plans!" message appears, you may have logged in a different account.

ーSubscription through carrier:
Subscriptions through emome, MOD, 3HK, HGC, SmarTone, CMHK or SingTel cannot be cancelled from our end. Please contact your carrier to unsubscribe.

ーSubscription through iTunes App Store/Google Play:
Your subscription cannot be cancelled from our end. Please cancel through App Store or Google Play.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via the button below.

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