【Android】Android 6.0 Marshmallow Authorization Prompts

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow system introduced in 2015 has many significant changes in the authorization of access permission requested by apps.
In Android M, apps only request certain permissions when necessary as the previous versions demand all privileges upon installation, which could cause security concerns.

If you're already using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, KKBOX would request "Telephone" and "Storage" authorizations upon installation or login process. In case you tap on "Deny", a message will be displayed to explain why KKBOX needs your permission. 
※ KKBOX will not be able to run properly should you deny any of the two requests. 

How to reauthorize the app?

Authorization request message 1. 
Grant KKBOX with "Telephone" permission:
KKBOX will neither initiate phone calls for you nor access your contacts. The permission is only used to determine your device upon login. If you revoke "Telephone" permission, you won't be able to log into KKBOX.

Authorization request message 2. 
Grant KKBOX with "Storage" permission:
KKBOX needs "Storage" permission to access music and album cover cache files. 
If you revoke the "Storage" privilege, music playback and download would fail.

If you revoked both "Telephone" and "Storage" permissions

Revoked "Telephone" alone

Revoked "Storage" alone

How to reauthorize the app?

1. Revoked through Deny Authorization windows:
Tap "KNOW MORE" and tap "SETTINGS" below to open the Settings screen of the KKBOX app.

2. Revoked through App Setting:
→ Tap "Settings" → "Apps" → ”KKBOX”
→ Tap "Permissions"

→ Grant "Telephone" and "Storage" access privileges to authorize again.

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