I've Subscribed Through App Store But My Account Has Not Been Renewed

This happens when we were not notified of your purchase by Apple.
Refer to the steps below to manually upload your iTunes receipt, and your account should be renewed.

1. Tap on [More] → [Subscription] → [Send iTunes receipt].
2. Choose and upload the receipt for the recent KKBOX purchase.
3. Log out of KKBOX and log back in to see if your account has been renewed.

In case the above method did not work, we recommend applying for a refund from Apple by referring to the steps below:
 ※KKBOX is not authorized to process subscriptions through iTunes App Store.

1. Go to Apple Report a Problem.
2. Sign in the Apple ID used to make the purchase.
3. Find KKBOX and choose on the "Report a Problem" next to it.
4. From the "Choose Problem" menu, choose the issue you're having.
5. Choose "Submit" after filling out the form. Apple should be in contact with you soon.

At the same time, you might like to consider subscribing to KKBOX from our  Payment Center.
We provide a diversified and convenient choice of payment methods.

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