【Android】Trouble With Loading/Music Playback

Try enabling alternative player/network protocol when you are having trouble loading or music playing.

1. Tap [My Library] → the gear icon to the top right corner of the page → [About] → [Version].
2. Tap the version number 7 times and a "Enable Advanced Setting" message will briefly appear to the bottom of the screen.

3. Go back to [More] page by tapping the [←] icon to the top left corner and tap [Advanced Setting].

4. Depending on the issue you are encountering, enable either of the following:
 ■Turn on [Switch to alternative play] if you are having trouble playing music.
 ■Turn on [Enable HTTP/2 Network Protocol] if you are having trouble loading (NOT music playback).
  ※Only available on Android OS 5.0 and older.

5. Try playing music again and see if the problem is solved.
6. You can disable Advanced Setting by executing steps 【1】 and 【2】 again.

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