How KKBOX Calculate Its Charts?

Our charts are based on the number of tracks played by all Paid Members on any KKBOX platform, including our Web Player.

The results cannot be purchased or otherwise influenced by any individual. They're also used for royalty calculations, to show popular songs to KKBOX users, to determine KKBOX Music Award winners, and for various digital music-related research and other purposes.

The following is a breakdown of how we determine our various charts.

1. Daily Mix
This chart shows the top trending songs of the moment.

We compile this list by determining how many Paid Member have listened to a track in the past hour. For example, if 350,000 Paid Member have used KKBOX in the past hour, and 70,000 of them have listened to a song, that track's coverage rate is 20%. The Daily Mix chart is automatically updated every hour.

2. Daily and weekly charts
These charts are based on the number of times songs are played by Paid Member on any KKBOX platform, including our Web Player. We only count instances when a song is listened to in full, and will count up to 10 listens every day by a user from the same device or account (though this limit does not affect royalty calculations).

3. Annual chart
Using the same method used for the daily listings, we aggregate all songs in the calculation period, detailed below. We stop tallying on Nov. 30 and on Dec. 1 publish our lists of the year's top 100 tracks for every language.

For new songs, the period of plays tallied is Nov. 1 the previous year to Nov. 30 the current year.

For all other songs, the period is Dec. 1 of the previous year to Nov. 30 the current year.

4. Daily chart categories
Our daily charts are divided into two types, new singles and singles, which are subdivided into various genres such as Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

5. Weekly chart categories
Our weekly charts are divided into three categories, new singles, singles, and albums, which are subdivided into genres such as Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, electronic, and hip-hop.

The data presented in our charts is for reference only. The actual number of times songs are played is stored on an online server and may differ from those presented. If a user listens to a song offline, this will be recorded and sent back to the server the next time they log on.

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