【Windows】Trouble Launching KKBOX

■Then New KKBOX Windows (Versions 22.X)
※This version do not support Windows 7. Please switch to Web Player.
1. Right-click any open space on your taskbar and choose [Task Manager].
2. Click the [Details] tab.
3. Find [KKBOX] and click the [End Task] button.
4. Try launching KKBOX Windows Beta again.

If the problem persists, please provide screenshots of what you see by choosing the button below.

■The Old KKBOX Windows (Versions 7.X)

【1】Uninstall KKBOX Windows:
1. Click [Start] to the bottom left corner of the screen.
2. Right click on [KKBOX] and choose [Uninstall].
※Repeat step two if you find more than one versions of KKBOX installed (e.g./ KKBOX UWP).

【2】Download the New KKBOX Windows here

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