Songs only able listening 30 seconds

If you have paid already but only plays 30 seconds of music, please see I paid but my account was not renewed I can only listen to 30 seconds of music.

If you are currently a Member, you can only listen to a limited number of full songs per day. Once you have reached the limit, any tracks you play will be 30 seconds only.

We provide a diversified and convenient choice of payment methods. Please log in KKBOX Payment Center to find out more or to upgrade to Premium member.

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  1. KKBOX currently has 3 Levels of membership:

    1. Premium:
    You instantly become a Premium member when you pay/subscribe to our plans.

    2. Premium Trial:
    From the moment you sign up for KKBOX, you can try us free for up to 14 days.

    3. Member:
    At the end of your Premium Trial/Premium membership period, your account will switch to a Member's account. You will have limited access to our service.

    Compare the benefits for different levels of KKBOX Membership:

    MemberPremium TrialPremium
    Unlimited musicxvv
    Offline songsxvv
    Dynamic lyricsvvv
    High sound qualityxvv
    Listen withxvv
    Premium exclusivexxv
    No adsxvv
    KKBOX group service noticevvv
    Apple CarPlayvvv
    Android Autoxxv

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