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Whether you want to change to a different plan, or change to a different payment method, you can switch your subscription plan anytime by purchasing a new plan at Payment Center.

Before you start…
● Ensure you are not subscribed to a fixed-term plan.
● Ensure you have unsubscribed if you are currently subscribed through your carrier (emome, MOD, 3HK, HGC, SmarTone, CMHK, SingTel) or iTunes App Store.

Upon making a new purchase, any remaining subscription period will be calculated pro rata of the new plan’s daily rate and converted to the new plan. At the same time, the first payment (of the new plan) is postponed※ until the converted period has expired.
※Unavailable in Japan. You will be charged upon making the new purchase.

For example:
- Your existing plan is [Standard Audio Monthly Plan] at HKD 65/month (daily rate of HKD 2.1).
- On 1st October, you have 10 days of Standard Audio membership period left when you switch to the [Lossless Audio Monthly Plan] at HKD 116/month (daily rate of HKD 3.8).
- The 10 days of Standard Audio Monthly Plan is then converted to 6 days of Lossless Audio ((2.1 x 10 days)/3.8 = 6 days) and the first payment of HKD 116 will be postponed until 7th October.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the calculation shown on Payment Center, contact Customer Service before you proceed with the transaction. The conversion cannot be reversed once completed.

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