Received A Auto Payment Failed Notice

Here are some common reasons for unsuccessful auto payments.
However, as KKBOX is unable to reactivate your subscription again, please upgrade to Paid Member again. You can find our latest plans here.

Please login Payment History to check your last payment method and refer to the information below:

■ Subscriptions through credit card:
Possible reasons may include:
- Your credit card has expired.
- You have upgraded or changed your credit card.
- Your bank denied/rejected the transaction.
- You have insufficient funds in your debit card account.

Please contact your bank for detailed information.

■ Subscriptions through carrier:
Possible reasons may include:
- Your contract with the carrier has terminated.
- Unpaid phone bills.

Please contact your carrier for detailed information.

■ Subscriptions through iTunes App Store:
Please see Apple Support for more information.

■ Subscriptions through Google Play:
Please see Google Play Help for more information.

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