KKBOX Gift Card

Not sure what to get that someone special? Why not surprise them with a KKBOX Gift Card along with a personalized card?

How to Buy:
1. Go to KKBOX Gift Card and click/tap on [Pick A Gift] to the bottom of the page and log in YOUR (gift giver) KKBOX account.

2. Refer to the steps below to customize your Gift Card.
Step 1: Choose a plan.

Step 2: Choose a Gift Card design.

Step 3: Fill in the details.

● If you choose to send the Gift Card by email:
- The card will be sent as soon as the purchase is completed.
- To have the card sent on a different day, click/tap on the calendar icon to the right of the field and choose a date.

● If you choose to send the Gift Card by link: 
- The link will be presented once the purchase is completed. 

Also, you can choose to play the receiver a small piece of music when they have redeemed the Gift Card.
The list of songs available is based on the theme you have chosen in Step 2.
Feel free to omit this if you like :)

3. Click/tap on [Next] to proceed after completing all three steps.

4. Before proceeding to checkout, please double check your Gift Card.
Should you need to make modifications, click/tap on [Change order] on the top right corner to go back to the previous page.

5. The link to the Gift Card will be shown when you have completed the transaction.

You can also make a 3D paper doll that you can give to the Gift Card receiver, instead of just a link or email, of course.

 Are there any restrictions in sending KKBOX Gift Cards?
 Yes there is. KKBOX Gift Card is only available to members of KKBOX Hongs Kong (regardless of membership status) and the receiver must be a KKBOX Hong Kong member (and must NOT be a monthly subscriber) to redeem the gift card.
Also, you can only purchase Gift Card with credit card.

 Why can't I change line when I'm typing the message to the gift receiver? 
 Due to space limitation on the e-Card, you can type up to 100 characters, but the lines cannot be changed.

 I made a mistake when entering the gift receiver's email address/ choosing the date. Can I resend/ modify the date?
 Unfortunately, once the order has been completed we cannot change the email address or the date chosen.
If the card was sent to the wrong email address already, go to Account Service to find the link to the KKBOX Gift Card (refer to Q4) and ask the gift receiver to redeem the Gift Card as soon as possible.

 I forgot to save the Gift Card link. What to do? 
 Go to Account Service → Purchase History → choose the Gift Card tab → click/tap the Detail button to the right of the purchase.

→ Click/tap Gift Card Link to copy the link.

Should you have other questions, feel free to contact Customer Service at Online Customer Service.

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