[End-of-Support] DTS HeadphoneX Service


Dear KKBOX Customer,

At the end of June 2019, KKBOX and DTS will end its partnership. Starting on 1 July 2019, KKBOX will no longer provide "DTS HeadphoneX" service.

As part of our commitment to providing the best listening experience, we are launching the following two upgrades: "Default Sound Quality Upgrade" and "Sound Quality Customization".

1. Default Sound Quality Upgrade: Upgrade the default sound quality from normal (equivalent to 128kbps) to high quality (192kbps)

2. Sound Quality Customization: Provides mobile device users with three sound quality options:

 (1) Normal quality (equivalent to 128kbps): Good for users that want to limit mobile data usage.

 (2) High quality (equivalent to 192kbps): Default sound quality. Good for users concerned about sound quality and mobile data usage.

 (3) Very high quality (equivalent to 320kbps): Good for user looking for the best listening experience.

KKBOX recommends going to "Settings" and making adjustments to "Sound Quality" to get the best listening experience.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of KKBOX!

* The latest updates are supported on the following versions of the KKBOX app:

  • iOS:7.8.0

  • Mac:6.4.0

  • Android:6.3.70

  • Windows Desktop:7.1.50

  • Windows Store: