Listen With Guide for Listeners

What's Special With the Newer Listen With (available on KKBOX Android and KKBOX iOS)?

■ Events and Activities in Three Tabs
."RECOMMEND": The most popular Listen With sessions
."DJs": Events from all DJs around the world
."CONCERT": Ongoing or replaying of live concerts

■ Join Celebrity Events at Ease!
"Upcoming" session helps to set your calendar at your fingertips. You can also enjoy music and chat with your idols right away through the "On Air" session, or watch ongoing LIVE concerts.

■ Personalized History: Join Ongoing Events from Your Favourite DJs
Come have fun with these DJs that you have followed previously. Don't miss out!

■ Explore More Ongoing Events
Local or global DJs have set various topics and handpicked several good songs to share with you! Pick your favourite topic, and join them now!

Things to Take Note of with the Newer Listen With

■ Checkout recommended events easily, and identify interesting events based on the topics.
Listen With sessions and LIVE programs are separated into different categories for clearer view, and the topic set by each DJ is also helpful for listeners in deciding which event to join.

■ Why Is My Friend's Event Not Listed in the "RECOMMEND" Tab?
There are many ongoing events at the same time, and the "RECOMMEND" tab will only show those events with the most followers. Invite more friends to join your friend's Listen With session, and his/her event may show up here too. Alternatively, you can also refer to the "All DJs" tab to checkout your friend's event.

■ Can I Still Join Listen With Session on Desktop Version?
Yes you can! However some of the features are not yet available on desktop version. We are working on that. Stay tuned!

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