Can I Change My Service Region?

Unfortunately no. 
As membership information for each region is stored on different servers, so we cannot switch your account to a different region.

To become a member of a different region, you can:
1) Sign up again using a different email address.
 ※You can only sign up for the membership of the service region you are currently in. 
 For example: you cannot sign up for a KKBOX Hong Kong when you are in Malaysia.

2) To sign up again using the same email, refer to 【How To Delete KKBOX Account】 to have your existing account deleted.

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  1. We can only delete [Trial], [Member] and accounts that have unsubscribed.
    If you have upgraded to Paid Member, please ensure your Paid membership has expired before you contact Customer Service.

    If your Paid membership has expired, or you are already a Member, submit your request by choosing the 【No】 button below.
    ※The process may take 1-3 working days to complete.

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