What Is KKBOX for Podcasters

Q1: How To Register KKBOX as Podcasters?
If you are based in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Japan:
1. Go to KKBOX For Podcasters and select “Get Started”.
2. Register or log in your KK ID.
3. Enter your RSS feed and select “Podcast category” (capped at three).
4. Verify your email and you are all set!

Submit your Podcast here if you are based in other countries.

Q2: How To Transfer Ownership of a Podcast?
1. Log in to KKBOX for Podcasters using your new KK ID.
2. Under "My Dashboard", choose “Add/Transfer Podcast”.
3. Enter the RSS feed for the podcast you are transferring and select the category.
4. The system will automatically pair the Podcast on KKBOX.
5. Click “Verify” to send a verification email to the registered email for the RSS feed.
6. Verify your email.
7. DONE!

Q3: I Cannot Find My Favorite Podcast On KKBOX.
We are always on the lookout for new podcasts! Submit your recommendation here!

Q4: How to Transcribe My Podcast?
Transcribing your podcast makes it easier for listeners to search for your show. Apply for your transcript (provided by us) here.
Podcasters have full ownership of the transcript. The content will not be used without your consent.

Q5: How To Add Timestamp to My Podcast?
Adding timestamp in the description provides freedom for listeners to jump straight to the parts that interest them.
Refer to the steps below on adding timestamp to your podcast.

1. You are hosting on Firstory:
Log in Firstory, choose  “開啟章節設定” and convert to text mode to start adding timestamp to your summary.
See here for full instruction manual.

2. Hosting on other hosting platforms:
Add timestamp and description to your episode show notes. You can use any of the following formats:

Q6: Where To Find My RSS Feed?
Choose to host your Podcast on a hosting platform. Your RSS feed should be ready for you after uploading your audio files and images...etc.
Here are some examples of hosting platforms:

  • Anchor
  • Blubrry
  • Firstory
  • Libsyn
  • Soundcloud
  • Soundon

Q7: How to Edit the “Category” of my Podcast?
1. Log in to KKBOX for Podcasters.
2. Choose the show to edit.
3. Reselect the category and save the change.

Q8: How to Update RSS Feed?
You will not be able to edit the existing RSS feed, but you can always submit a new RSS feed.
Here’s how:
1. Log in to KKBOX for Podcasters.
2. Choose the show to edit.
3. Delete the existing RSS feed.
4. Submit a new RSS feed.
Note: Data for the old show will be deleted along with the existing RSS feed. Check with your hosting platform to see if they can help with data transfer before submitting a new RSS feed.

Q9: How to Delete Duplicate Episodes?
You may have duplicated episodes when you change your hosting platform.  To delete:
1. Log in KKBOX for Podcasters.
2. Choose the show to delete.
3. Delete the RSS feed, and save.

Q10: How Long Does It Take for My Podcast to Show on KKBOX? How Often Is the Data Updated?
Your Podcast will be on KKBOX within 24 hours after submission. Podcast information from your RSS feed will be retrieved hourly.

Q11: Policies on Having your Podcast on KKBOX.
KKBOX for Podcasters should not be used to distribute music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content. KKBOX reserves the right to remove podcasts that violate this policy.
Podcasts that are not suitable for minors (e.g. the use of explicit words or content) must check the “Explicit” box before uploading files to your hosting platform. KKBOX will mark your podcast with an ? tag.

Q12: My Artwork/Audio is Not Showing on KKBOX.
1. Ensure you are working with smooth internet connection.
2. If the image/audio file link is unsecured (HTTP), you can consider migrating to a different hosting platform, or write to us.
3. Relaunch the App and try again.

Write to us should the issue persist.

Q13: I Don’t Have Access to the Default Email Address. What To Do?
Update email or change the email display setting under your hosting platform . Then log in KKBOX for Podcaster and resubmit the updated RSS feed (you will need to delete the existing RSS feed), and you should receive the verification email.

Q14: Can I Use Copyrighted Music/Media In My Podcast?
Any music/audio files used in your podcast should be legally obtained (for example, purchased from a stock website).
However, as KKBOX music is only for personal enjoyment, you will not be able to use our music in your podcast.

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