【Windows】Using A Temporary Playlist

※Temporary Playlist is unavailable on New KKBOX Windows and KKBOX Mac (versions 22.X)※

Are there songs you aren't really interested in the recent Charts? Are there songs you wish you could play next instead?
KKBOX Windows gives you the freedom of deciding what songs, and the order of the songs you play.

【1】Deleting unwanted songs/Rearrange the order of songs
We provide a variety of new music and hit singles under CHART.
If there are songs you are not interested in, you can delete them through [Temporary Playlist] before creating a playlist.

1. Click the  to the top right corner of the chart you wish to play. The songs will be added to [Temporary Playlist].

2. Go to [Temporary Playlist], select the song(s) you are not interested in, right click on your mouse and choose [Delete].

3. To rearrange the order of songs, simply select, click and drag the song(s) up or down the playlist.

【2】Integrate multiple playlists and albums into a custom playlist
With the help of [Temporary Playlist] you can are in control of what songs/albums you add to your playlist!

1. When you find a album you like, click on [+] (also [+ Add to My Library]) and select [Temporary Playlist].

2. If you are only interested in specific songs, move the mouse cursor over the track length to the far right, click on [...] and select [Temporary Playlist].

3. Go to [Temporary Playlist], rearrange the songs to your desired order.

4. When you are happy with what you have, create a new playlist by clicking on the [Add to Playlist] button.

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