【Windows】Error: KKBOX has stopped working

There are several reasons why KKBOX may not function properly. Check your KKBOX Windows version and your operating system version before referring to the information below.

 KKBOX Windows Desktop

If KKBOX Windows version 7.X is installed under one of the following directories/paths, remove KKBOX and reinstall under the default location. Reboot the computer and see if KKBOX Windows works normally.
1. Under the system root directory (such as C:/ or D:/).
2. Removable drive (such as external drive or USB)


Look up [KKBOX] under Windows Store and ensure you have updated to the latest version. Reboot your computer and see if KKBOX works normally.

If you have reinstalled KKBOX Windows, or if KKBOX is already installed under the default location and the problem persist, provide details of the problem, and screenshot of the problem through Online Customer Service.

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  1. Under some circumstances KKBOX may be blocked by your anti-virus/ internet security software.
    If you are having trouble running KKBOX normally, find and add the following KKBOX file to the exception list and see if the problem is solved.

    【KKBOX Windows (Desktop)】

    【KKBOX Windows (Windows Store)】

    To find out more on how to add programs/files to the exception list, refer to the instructions provided by your anti-virus/ internet security software companies.
    You can also click on the names of the companies below and it will take you to their support page.

    Avast Antivirus
    G Data
    Kaspersky Lab
    Intel Security (McAfee)
    Trend Micro (PC-cillin)
    Windows Defender

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