【Android】Music stops playing/KKBOX closes unexpectedly on HUAWEI devices

Huawei devices provide battery saving feature that shuts down applications when the screen goes off. 
Refer to the steps below to see if the problem is solved.

【Step 1: Setting KKBOX as Protected Apps 】
1. Tap [Phone Manager] → [Battery Manager].

2. Tap [Protected apps].

3. Enable option for [KKBOX].

KKBOX will show as "Protected".

【Step 2: Allowing KKBOX To Continue Running After Screen Off 】
1. Go to [Battery Manager] by referring to steps 1 and 2 of 【Step 1】.
2. Tap [Power usage firewall (power-intensive apps)].

3. Tap [KKBOX].

4. Enable the [Keep running after screen off] option.

5. Relaunch KKBOX and see if the problem is solved.

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