【Android】Music Stopping on Android OS 8.0 Or Above

In order to improve battery life, as well as prevent applications from eating unnecessary resources, Android OS 8.0 (or above) may restrict app from running in the background, resulting in KKBOX App being shutdown suddenly, or is unable to automatically go online (when KKBOX App is brought to the background and into the foreground again)..etc.
If you are worried about KKBOX draining your battery, rest assured KKBOX do not use much resources when in the background.

Please see which situation best describes your needs.

■I do not want KKBOX running in the background (want to shutdown KKBOX App completely).
Long tap the KKBOX icon → the ⓘ icon and choose [Force Stop].

■I do not want any KKBOX notifications. 
Long tap the KKBOX icon → the ⓘ icon → [App notifications]  → turn off notification.
 ※Once turned off, you will not find KKBOX in the control center when you play music.

■I want KKBOX to run in the background.
Choose your device brand and refer to the steps.
※Steps may differ between Android versions. Please refer to the user manual, or contact your manufacturer. 


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