【iOS】What To Do When KKBOX Crashes?

When you have too many Apps running in the background, the system may terminate KKBOX due to low memory.
Please try the following first:
1. Clear all background apps and restart your device.
2. Ensure you have the latest KKBOX iOS App installed (by looking up "KKBOX" in App Store and run update).

If the problem persists, provide KKBOX App's Analytics Data to us and we will follow up.
1. Tap the [Settings] on your iOS device and tap [Privacy] → [Diagnostics & Usage] → [Analytics Data].
2. Scroll down until you find data starting with "KKBOX” and find the date closest to the date and time of the App crashing.
3. Tap the data and tap the share icon to the top right corner.
4. Send the data to us by:
 ■Online Storage: Save the file in online storages (i.e., Google Drive, Dropbox...etc.)
 ■Email: Send the file to service@kkbox.com (ensure to include your KK ID in the mail).
5. Tell us what actions result in KKBOX crashing by choosing the 【No】 button below.
(Ensure to include the link if you choose to save the data in online storage)

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