Why Am I Charged Multiple Times?

【1】You purchased a new plan
Basically KKBOX will charge you on the day you make your purchase.When you purchase more than one plan you will be charged for the number of transactions made.
e.g., You purchased a monthly plan on 1st Jan and unsubscribed on 15th Jan and later decided to re-subscribe on 25th Jan.
In this case you will be charged on the 1st and 25th of Jan.

【2】You upgraded through different accounts
It is possible you may have subscribed to KKBOX through different accounts. Please cancel the subscription under the account you are not actually using.
※Refer to [How to Unsubscribe KKBOX?] to unsubscribe KKBOX.
※Refer to [I Forgot My KKBOX Account] below if you are unsure of any other accounts.

If you need further assistance, choose the 【No】 button below and provide a clear photo/screenshot of your statement showing multiple charges.

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