Play KKBOX with Cortana

 Can I use Cortana?

 The countries that currently support Cortana are limited, please see Microsoft for a list of supported regions and languages.
KKBOX offers English/Simple Chinese/Japanese (in preparation). Please check to see if the "Set/region or language" of the system is supported in the region and language; next check "Set/region or language/speech" to download the corresponding speech pack.

 How do I use the Cortana feature?
 Determine if Cortana is supported (you can refer to A1). When you say the instructions, you need to start with the "KKBOX" word, followed by the relevant instructions, such as: "KKBOX play some music."Available set of instructions ([] the content represented words that you could omit):

Your action

Commands list

Play some music

Play some music

Play top 100

Play top 100 [songs][tracks]

Play top playlist

Play top songs

Play offline songs

Play offline song[s]

Play my playlists

Play my playlist[s]

Play my collected songs/albums/playlists

Play [my] collected songs

Play [my] collected albums

Play [my] collected playlists

Play my/mood radio station

Play my [radio] station

Play mood [radio] station

Play song name

Play {song name}

Ex: Play Beat it

Play top hits/song highlights  by artist name

Play top hits by {artist name}

Play song highlights by {artist name}

Ex: Play top hits by Michael Jackson  

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